Interesting Things From Mason Jars
You can use rope to keep the jars attached to the wood panel. It’s a particularly nice idea if you’re aiming at a rustic, shabby chic look.
Similarly, you can use jars attached to wood panels to store and display your kitchen utensils. It takes little space and it’s very practical.
Another idea can be to mount the jars in front of the desk and to use them for storing pencils and other items.
Instead of making a vase you could make a planter. Just fill the jar with soil and add your favorite plant and you have a wall-mounted planter.
Using wall-mounted jars in the kitchen is particularly functional because you get to free up counter space.
It’s easy to be organized when you have a jar for everything. Mount them on the wall to keep the desk free and uncluttered.
You can use a similar organizing system for the bathroom. Put cotton balls, q tips, brushes and everything else on the wall where you can easily reach them.
A square piece of wood placed obliquely will become a lovely sconce base for your Mason jar vase
Mason jar wall organizers are perfect for any room of the house, including the office, bathroom and kitchen
Mason jars are very useful in the kitchen as they allow you to store all sorts of things in them. To save space, mount them under the cabinets