Interesting Things You Can Do With Mason Jars
Paint them all different colors so you can organize your utensils more easily. Pens go in the yellow jar, scissors in the green one, etc.
Another way of making organizing easy and fun is to pain chalkboard labels on the jars. Then you can write on them what you want.
When you have lots of things to store in jars and not a lot of desk space, you can try stacking them and placing them horizontally.
A simple mason jar can become a work of art if you put your mind to it. Get some paint and a thin brush and start the makeover
It would also be nice and useful to paint the bottom half of the jar with chalkboard paint and the top area with normal paint
When painting the jar with regular paint, start with the inside first. Spread the paint evenly and place the jars upside down
If you want to make your pencil holder feel cozy and warm you can knit a sweater for it. Wrap it around and it looks very cute.
To make it easier to organize your things, you can put tags on the jars. You just need a little thread and a piece of paper
Of course, Mason jars are great pencil holders as they are and they only need extra work only if you prefer a different look for them.
Mount a Mason jar on a piece of recycled wood and you’ll get a rustic vase. Display it in the living room, on the porch or anywhere else.