Solutions For A Well-Organized Garage
Adding a shelf that you can simply fold down whenever needed is a pretty great idea. Sometimes you need a work surface whether it’s for sorting things out or for simple DIY project. When not needed, it basically takes up zero space.
This is a really simple and great idea. Attach two closed rod brackets to the bottom of an existing shelf and then add a wooden closet rod. Then you can organize and store your winter jackets and other things there.
Another clever thing you can do is install metal shelf brackets in order to create a storing system for folding chairs. Just stack the chairs and keep them all on the wall and away from the floor.
Don’t waste floor space with things that can be kept on the wall or ceiling. For example, you can store your bike in a rather interesting and unusual way. Install bike hooks on the ceiling to free up space in the garage.
A wall tool rack is really easy to install and you can use it to keep all your large tools organized and neatly stored without wasting floor space or having to search for them everywhere every time you need one.
All these things are really useful in a garage, mostly for storing and organizing small things. It’s important to use labels when you have multiple containers and to come up with a different system that lets you easily find the thing you need.
A simple hanger usually used for clothes can be repurposed and used for storing tape rolls in the garage. Just hang it from the underside of a shelf or from the ceiling to keep everything in check.