Design Of Luxury Bathrooms
Most often, a bathroom either has a tub or a shower. Sometimes it has both but one definitely stands out. But when both the tub and the shower are as amazing as these ones, then you have a luxury bathroom. In here, it’s a wonderful combination of beautiful, natural material, graceful shapes and wonderful transparency.
And speaking of showers, what about a Roman shower stall? Inspired by the original historical designs, these are a modern interpretation of those and treat the shower as a sort of alcove, as a separate room instead of just a partition. This concept can suit spacious bathrooms but also smaller ones. Find the type of Roman shower stall that best suits your own bathroom and adapt it to your preferences.
As we’ve mentioned before, luxury bathrooms use natural materials, textures and colors. Not only that this makes them luxurious but it’s also a look that never goes out of style. We love the combination of colors and materials used here and the tub in particular.
Although simple, the elements used in this bathroom were strategically used to create strong and dramatic contrasts. The way the light is reflected on the paneled wall, the sharp and clean lines of the tub and its matte black finish and the overall ambiance make this a very intimate and relaxing bathroom
Anything that’s not usually included in a bathroom can make it look luxurious. For example, there’s a staircase in here. Also, the wooden tub and the way it matches everything around it is also an unexpected element.
In this case, it’s not about the materials that were used but about the way in which they were used. The tub is obviously the focal point and it looks like it’s been carved out of a giant block, hence its unique shape.
A lot of times, the accessories are the ones that give a space its character. For example, a small but chic bathroom rug with a soft and pleasant texture, a mirrored wall, long and heavy curtains or decorative stones used as décor elements are all exquisite examples.
Another feature of luxury bathrooms can be a skylight. Basically anything that adds natural light and makes the bathroom look and feel more airy and bright can allow it to look luxurious, interesting and sophisticated
A stunning light fixture can make any space look amazing. However, because the lighting in the bathroom is usually just functional and doesn’t focus on the decorative details, such an element has a stronger visual impact in this case.
Never underestimate the power of color. The right color used in the right space can have an outstanding visual effect and greatly impact the overall design and ambiance. This shade is Wythe Blue and is really stunning