The Defining Design Elements Of Luxury Bathrooms
A bathroom that’s as spacious as this one is inevitably luxurious, regardless of its design. But there’s more to this than just square footage. A bathroom can create the illusion of space by being minimalist and employing strategic features.
Because bathrooms are usually small and don’t have large windows either because of the lack of space or for privacy reasons, the views from here are almost in existent. So when a bathroom has such huge windows and wonderful views, it stands out as being luxurious.
Luxurious bathrooms feature natural materials on their walls and floors and marble is one of them. However, this is an acquired taste, especially if the marble is used extensively.
The finishes and textures play an important role in the overall design of the bathroom. This particular one features a textured wallpaper on the walls that almost looks like stone and contrasts with the chromed details and shiny elements.
Certain ornamental elements have the ability to give a bathroom a luxurious look, even if the room is not particularly spacious or if it doesn’t have floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views. For example, an ornate mirror, a sculptural chair, etc.
A combination of onyx and marble was used here to give this bathroom its unique and sophisticated appearance. However, this is not a look that suits all styles and it best left for traditional homes.
The right combination of textures has the ability to make a bathroom look luxurious. Step on the shiny floor tiles and then onto the zebra accent rug, touch the soft and delicate curtains and let yourself be enveloped in luxury.
Pretty much that’s out of the ordinary and more difficult to include in a regular bathroom is considered luxurious. For example, a sunken tub can be such a feature. When used in the right environment, it can have the desired effect.
There are two ways in which light can effect the overall ambiance and the look of a bathroom. On one hand, lots of light in the bathroom can be a luxury. On the other hand, subtle, accent lighting used strategically in the room can also have a similar effect.
Given the utilitarian nature of the bathroom and everything included in it, usually the designs are space-efficient and focused on functionality. So having a freestanding tub act as a focal point is a luxury detail.