Bathroom Color Schemes You Will Like
Modern and sexy, this color combination adds an almost romantic vibe to the bathroom. Letting your fixtures (sink, tub, shower, and toilet) serve as the white component of the color scheme enhances the minimalism of a contemporary space and contrasts beautifully against a moody hue.
The sleek, contemporary lines of a modern bathroom (love the floating-shelf vanity!) are a lovely juxtaposition to the sweeter bathroom color scheme shown here. A retro feel comes through in the large-scale wallpaper, adding plenty of visual interest while not taking away from the important architectural details.
If you’ve got yourself a house with a circa 1950 bathroom, you might be quite familiar with the rose pink tile conundrum. The good news? You don’t have to rip it all out to have a chic, contemporary bathroom. Simplify your storage and wall art and update your porcelain fixtures, and maybe you’ll learn to love the blush hue like your grandmother did.
White…and more white. Bathrooms are notoriously white, at least to a degree. Rather than fighting against this fact, maybe a good idea is to make it the entire crux of your bathroom color scheme. White everything – fixtures, tiles, towels, even porcelain and ceramic décor! Of course, a showing of great art is never out of line.
A geometric tile floor adds warmth and personality without taking away from a white bathroom color scheme
It should come as no surprise to anybody that this gorgeous doorless shower comes in its white-and-white color scheme. Love a wooden accent or two.
Creamy whites are the foundation in this traditional bathroom, warmed up with some tasteful antique accessories and simple but sophisticated window treatments.
No, we’re not just talking about components of an ice cream sandwich. The rich tones of a chocolate brown bathroom make even a smaller space feel simultaneously cozy and luxurious. Breaking up the expanse of brown with a geometrically patterned bath rug is a good idea, as is using colored cream tiles between the mirrors.
Using a specific bathroom color scheme doesn’t mean that all parts are displayed equally; quite the opposite, in fact. Sometimes it’s useful to determine one dominant color (in this case, turquoise) that can be enhanced by a small but significant dose of another color or two (here, pink table and gold accents).
Green, white, and wood…with a touch of red. Found paired in nature constantly, kelly green and wood tones are a match made, well, on earth. Plenty of white space in this bathroom makes the colors themselves pop, and some well-edited splashes of red bring the bathroom alive.