Bathroom Color Schemes You Never Knew You Wanted
Below are lots of ideas for bathroom color schemes for almost any shape, size, and style of bathroom. While it’s hard for anyone to go wrong in pairing a beautiful color with white as a bathroom color scheme (plenty of examples below), there are lots of other options out there, too. We hope you’re inspired enough that, perhaps with just a coat of paint and a few accessories, you can change the entire space into a space you love. Or, at least, don’t hate.
Bathrooms weren’t traditionally very colorful spaces; historically, they didn’t tend to draw much attention in the décor/color scheming way. If your bathroom is a traditional style, you might enjoy keeping the color scheme pretty neutral – creams and whites. The look is not only fresh, but it’s light and bright as well.
Glossy red wall tiles and red bath mats are a cheerful and bright way to add spunk to an otherwise white bathroom. The color scheme is hospital-esque, likely because it emits a clean and germ-free aesthetic.
It’s a hot color right now, and for good reason. Amaranth is not pink, it’s not red, but it’s a beautiful, rich cross between the two that is neither too frilly nor too masculine. We love the unexpected coordinating shower curtain and cabinet doors here.
Fresh and unfailingly cheerful, mint and white make a lovely color scheme, particularly in tiny bathrooms where every square inch matters. An encompassing small-scale wallpaper print in the color scheme break up the solidarity of the walls and make the space feel larger. And flanking silver and white sconces add to the fresh appeal.
It’s warm, it’s traditional, and it’s utterly serene. Pale blue and white as a color combination, I mean. As a bathroom color scheme, it’s perfect, particularly when brightened up with some natural light. (And we can’t help but fall in love with a bathroom with that clawfoot tub!)
There’s something historically fresh about the color combination of coastal blue and white (even the ocean itself has embraced the combo, so we have to know we’re onto something). This is evidenced perfectly in a bright, sparkling bathroom. Mosaic tiles around the bathtub are the clear highlight of this gorgeous spa-like space.
You could substitute many dark, dark colors in for the midnight blue and still have a striking bathroom color scheme. We like this midnight blue, with all of its subtle tonal variations in different lighting – greens, blues, greys, and even blacks are all evidenced here, set off by the contrasting white tiles and fixtures.
This classic color combination works well for a color scheme for any style of bathroom – from the very traditional to the very contemporary (and everywhere in between and aside). Let’s just take a minute to appreciate the lovely wiry chandelier in the background here, shall we?
A more traditional black and white bathroom, with subway tile walls and black-and-white tiled floors.