Easy DIY Ideas For Reusing Empty Bottles
A very simple project is to turn an empty glass bottle into a vase. It’s a great example that shows us that even something as simple as applying some washi tape to a bottle can result in a rather stylish decoration. As you might have guessed, all you need for this project is an empty bottle and some washi tape, preferable of different colors. Start by taping around the base and then simply work your way up. You can create your own design
If you have several empty bottles of different shapes and sizes, you can turn them into decorative potion bottles. You’ll need several bottles, black matte spray paint, a paper sack, a tea bag and some wine corks. First discard the caps, plastic rings and labels and wash the bottles thoroughly. Then spray paint the bottles with several coats of paint. After that, cut the sides of the paper sack and crumple the piece of paper into a ball. Soak it in a cup of hot water along with the tea bag for a few minutes, spread it flat and let it dry. Tore it into labels and apply them to the bottles. Don’t forget to write on them first
Here’s another very simple project involving empty glass bottles. This one also requires very few materials and it can be done rather quickly. All you have to do is wash the bottles, let them dry and then start wrapping twine on them starting from the bottom. First fixate the twine with a little glue, then apply glue to the bottle little by little and work your way to the top.
This project is better suited for transparent glass bottle but colored ones could also be used. The idea is to use tape to create a pattern. The areas covered with tape will remain clear and transparent. After you apply the tape you just have to spray paint the bottle. After you remove the tape, the pattern will become visible.
Another idea would be to use puff paint to draw a picture or to create a pattern on the bottle. Then paint the bottle and the picture will look like it’s part of the glass. For the top area of the bottle you can use hot glue and twine to create a nice and simple ornament. If you want you can use the same technique for any other part of the bottle
If you feel extra talented and crafty, you could also draw patterns on your painted bottles. You just need a permanent black marker. You can use geometric patterns or you can draw flowers and all sorts of other things. You can even ask your kids to draw something for you and let them be a part of your project.
Our last project may be the simplest of all. You just need several bottles, preferable of different shapes and sizes and chalkboard paint. First wash and dry the bottles and remove the labels. Then apply two coats of chalkboard spray paint to your bottles. After that you can draw or write on them all sorts of things. It’s both simple and fun