Fun With Bottles – How To Turn Them Into Vases
Recycle a few empty wine bottles and turn them into wall-mounted vases. For each vase you’ll need an empty bottle, a top plate connector or ceiling flanges, a 1” split ring hanger, two screws, a piece of threaded rod cut into two pieces and some double sided foam mounting tape. You’ll find a full description of the project on designsponge.
Wall-mounted wine bottle vases can actually look very nice. You can leave the labels on if you think they look nice or if they have a beautiful image on them. Use the vases to fill the empty spaces on a wall. Perhaps you can display them on the hallway where there’s usually not much to look at.
Empty wine bottles can also be used as centerpieces. You can either turn them into vases or into candle holders. Either way, the transformation is really simple if you choose to use the idea suggested on inspiredbythis. You’ll need spray paint and adhesive remover for the labels. Also, if you decide to use chalkboard paint, you’ll also need chalk to customize the bottles.
You can avoid having to remove the labels on the bottles if you cover the bottles with burlap as shown on beauteefulliving. Basically you just have to cut a piece of burlap, wrap it around the bottle and secure it with a hot glue gun. You can then wrap some tape around the neck of the bottle if you want and add some chalk labels which you can stick to the burlap.
Wine bottle aren’t your only option. In fact, you’ve already seen how soda bottles can be used in the same way. Beer bottles can also be turned into vases. Since they don’t usually look pretty, you should consider spray painting them. You can use tape to make some interesting patterns or motifs.
Any type of glass bottle can be spray painted and turned into a vase. You can also have fun using some glitter or different types of paint. For example, paint the bottle white and then give it a glittery bottom or dip it in some colored paint for a nice contrast.
Bottles recycled into vases aren’t just for the dining table or the mantel. They can be used in a lot of beautiful ways. You can event ake them outside and hang them from a tree or display them on a fence. You can do that with some rope or twine. Wrap it around the neck of the bottle and then attach it to any surface.
As easy as it may be to clean and paint a bottle and call it a vase, one of the problems with that strategy is that you won’t be able to use the vase for bouquets of flowers since the bottle has a narrow neck. The solution can be simple: cutting the bottle. You can find out how to safely do that at home from the instructions provided on ehow.
If you enjoyed cutting the top of the bottle off, perhaps you can do something a bit more complicated next. An interesting idea suggested on nur-noch is to cut some bottles into slices and to then put them back together alternating different colors. That’s quite an intriguing idea and you should try it if you’e confident you can do it safely.
Or you can just cut off the top of the bottle and sand the edges on both pieces. Then take the top and place it inside the bottle upside down. Use it as a planter. Add some soil and plant some herbs or flowers.