Ways to Beautify a Plain Glass Jar
Glass jar chandelier – A quick internet search will turn up loads of alternative takes on the glass jar chandelier. This particular one cleverly involves turning baby food jars into a decorative light fixture, although I’m sure it can be modified fairly easily to incorporate whatever size and style of jar you have available.
Glass jar lanterns – Aren’t these almost ethereal? (And to think the jars could’ve held mayonnaise just days before.) As with any DIY project, the clear shapes on these frosted beauties can be customized. A benefit to these is that they make an impact either as a single lantern or in groups. I love how any size of jar can be used easily.
Mason jar planters – This just might be my favorite idea yet. Simply mount jars of a similar size (they don’t have to be quart jars, although that is what’s used here) to a piece of reclaimed wood with a hose clamp and hang in a sunny hallway for indoor plants. Love the creative earthiness of this!
Painted glass jars – I’ve seen several variations on this, but none with bold paint colors like this… and I have to admit, I’m completely smitten. To recreate this, simply pour a little paint into the jars, swirl it around until it fully coats the insides, and let it dry. I like the single bulbs coming out of a row of these jars – so pretty.
Cascading glass jar chandelier – This DIY is representative of industrial-chic pendant lighting, and it’s super chic. The alternating blue and clear glass jars is a unique spin (like a waterfall, kind of?) on the chandelier front. Absolutely beautiful.