Modern Furniture For Cats And Dogs
A dog is a great friend, a bro that’s always there when you need him while a cat is a sneaky and cute little thing that knows you can’t resist its charm and doesn’t hesitate to enjoy the situation. They’re so different and yet they’re both so lovable that all you want to do is make them a part of the family. That means they get to have their own furniture, toys and accessories. Since cats tend to be more fussy and picky when it comes to that, we thought you might like some help so we made of selection of modern cat furniture that both you and your feline friends might enjoy and we also added a few stylish designs that dogs would find cool too.
Cats like to climb on things, to scratch stuff to sharpen their claws but also to chill out and to nap…a lot. This Trixie set offers a little bit of everything. It has a cozy little hammock which you can hang on a wall, a closed module with a small entrance perfect for playing hide and seek or napping and a scratching pole.
The Feline Cloud is a wall shelf designed specifically with cats in mind. It has two platforms with soft, magnetic pads on them and it’s made of powder-coated steel. The platforms looks a little bit like clouds, hence the name. They provide cats with a comfortable surface to sit on and they can be installed anywhere on a wall. Cats usually enjoy finding a high vantage point and observing everything that’s going on in the room from there.
Aren’t these shelves cute? We love the cat silhouettes. They come in sets of three and they give an idea of how a cat might enjoy sitting on them. You can install them above the living room sofa or around the TV, in areas where cats usually like to climb on furniture. Of course, you don’t have to be a cat owner to want these shelves in your home, although they wouldn’t make a lot of sense otherwise.
Although they like to sleep a lot, cats are also playful creatures who enjoy hide and seek games and like to explore new spaces, smell new things and sometimes even make new friends. That being said, we think this maze would definitely make them curious. It’s not just fun but also educational, teaching cats how to find their way in a maze.
Cats needs a surface which they can scratch…it’s in their nature to sharpen their claws and it’s your responsibility to let them do it. In other words, don’t blame your cat for ruining your sofa unless you can offer an alternative. The 4claws scratching post might just do the trick. It’s tall which makes it comfortable and it’s easy to install plus it’s 100% recyclable.
Another thing that cats love to do is sit on the windowsill and look out. They seem to enjoy looking at the birds, the cars and the movement of the leaves on trees. It actually sounds like a very peaceful and relaxing activity and you can make it even more enjoyable by getting your cat one of these Kitty Cot hammocks that mount to the window with suction cups.
The beauty of modular designs is that they allow various different transformations to be made and a lot of space to be saved. When it comes to cats and their furniture and accessories, every idea is welcomed since there aren’t so many options anyway. The Lynks modules are pretty interesting in this sense. The coolest thing about them is that they have replaceable pads which means they’re very durable. In addition to that, the two elements can be arranged in lots of different configurations.
What makes a scratcher good? Well, a few things actually. First of all, the cat has to love it and it order for that to happen the scratcher needs to attract the cat in some way. Its size, shape or placement can influence that and it doesn’t hurt to use some catnip as well. Second of all, you have to like it too. Most scratchers don’t really look nice. In fact, they can be pretty unattractive and they don’t exactly fit in any home decor. In that sense, PetFusion is an exception. It looks good and it’s also lovable from a cat’s point of view.
Cat caves or pods are pretty cool because cats usually love to sleep in them and also because there are a lot of different designs and styles to choose from which means you can pick one that matches your home decor. If you’re looking for something simple and chic