Creative Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Mason Jars
A fun idea can be to personalize each jar by tying a colored bow around each one. This way each person will have their own color.
If you can find jars with the right type of lid, you can serve cold beverages in them and have a straw sticking out.
Garnish the jars with a lemon slice and they’ll look like cocktail glasses but larger and more casual, perfect for outdoor parties.
One of the best things about serving lemonade in a jar is that you can deposit it in ice without worrying it will spill.
For outdoor parties you can also put up a large dispenser from which everyone can serve their own cold lemonade.
Mason jars are great for summer parties. Fill them all up and put them on a serving table so everyone can choose theirs.
For parties it can also be useful to paint chalkboard labels on the jars so each person can write their name on it
Put the lids on the jars and let them stay cold in ice. The sun doesn’t do much good to lemonade.
Since you’ve chosen jars instead of glasses, maybe you’d also like to improvise a cooler or ice bin from a large container.
It would be awesome if you could also find an oversized jar or something similar to make a lovely set for the guests.