Modern Garage Designs
Although it’s a quite massive and imposing building, this house from Simbali, South Africa has a really nice zen look and seems very bright, open and airy. Metropole Architects completed its design in 2011 and gave it a multifunctional carport-like outdoor space with a room and a deck cantilevered above it, exterior walls covered in stone, tiled roofs and a spacious garage with an elegant wooden door.
The Northface House is a contemporary home located in Rogaland, Norway. It was designed by Element Arkitekter AS and it captures some wonderful views. A big section of the house sits beneath street level while the garage is placed away from the main building, with easy access to the road.
As you approach this house designed by Anonymous Architects, all you see at first is the garage. The rest of the house is perched on the hillside, following the sloping terrain and oriented towards the valley. The residence is located in central LA.
Squeezed between two existing buildings, the Shaft House may be small but that doesn’t stop it from being cozy, practical and pretty nice-looking too. Its ground floor is mostly occupies by the car garage and entrance and the rest of the spaces are stacked on two other floors. The house is situated in Toronto, Canada and was designed by Atelier rzlbd.
Above Dolores Park in San Francisco there’s a dream house perched on a steep site. Its proximity to the garden enables it to offer some really great views, especially from the rooftop. The project was completed by architect Craig Steely in 2013. There are a lot of interesting design features one of which is rather unexpected: a garage door with an interesting opening mechanism.
The design of this house from Melbourne, Australia is a harmonious combination of modern and traditional. The facade is not too simple but not too ornate either, featuring an eye-pleasing palette of colors and materials and the car garage sits neatly to the side, completing the image of a perfect family home.
The geometry of this house is really interesting and creates some great visual effects. This residence is part of a series called Genesee Townhomes designed by Elemental Architecture. They’re all located in Seattle, Washington and they’re structured on three levels, with an entrance, garage and social area on the ground floor and a circulation corridor to the side.
Sitting next to the lake in the region of Nordelta, in Tigre, Buenos Aires, this residence has an L-shaped floor plan on the ground level which wraps around the cube-shaped garage, forming an open parking space that runs along the glazed interior spaces. The design was done by Fritz + Fritz Arquitectos in 2012.
The Wren Residence which was designed by Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture in Missoula, Montana also has an L-shaped floor plan. The bike and car garage is the closest one to the street while the rest of the volumes are positioned towards the back of the site for more privacy. There’s also a small garden that acts as a buffer.
The entrance of this modern residence designed by Signature Custom Homes cuts into the garage and together they form a semi-detached volume on top of which there’s an open terrace. The rest of the functions are houses inside the residence and have glass walls and doors that let the light and the views inside. The house is located in Perth, Australia.