Car Garage Concepts That Are More Than Just Parking Spaces
Located in Weinheim, Germany, this family home has a design that mirrors the structural division of the interior spaces. The street-facing facade is almost all compact and closed, the goal being to ensure privacy. This allows the garage to seamlessly blend in and to fit on the ground floor in a natural way.
In 2014 architect Paul Bernier redesigned a private residence in Estérel, Canada and gave it a completely new look. The new design is minimalist with a subtle sculptural look. The garage is placed at the rear of the house, concealed from view and seamlessly linked to the rest of the spaces. It’s entirely lined in wood, with no openings and with an elegant-looking overhang at the end.
This house in Vancouver was originally built in the 1980’s and recently it’s been remodeled recently…transformed into a contemporary home with a new interior layout and a bunch of updated features. In addition to a new distribution of the spaces inside the house, D’Arcy Jones Architecture also gave the house a neat-looking car garage with an open carport extension.
When designing the M4 House in Higashisonogi District, Japan, the Architect Show team made sure to make full use of the site. They gave the house ample interior spaces and a nice sense of privacy throughout. The garage was designed without a carport or conventional fences…it just simply completes the house and inside it accommodates both cars and bicycles with no boundaries between them.
A house can look simple without also looking monotonous or like every other residence that surrounds it. Take this one for example, It’s a house located in Sydney, Australia and designed by Choi Ropiha Fighera. It doesn’t look like much from the street, following the design pattern of the houses in the area. However, it has a lot of character despite the simplicity of the garage and driveway section.
When this gorgeous house was built in Cape Town, South Africa, the client wanted a holiday house that could eventually become the perfect place to retire to. It had to be modern and to offer views of the ocean, all on a limited budget. The team at Gavin Maddock Design Studio came up with a design that’s very clean and which contrasts beautifully with the surroundings. The rich wooden garage module is particularly satisfying through the way in which it complements the crisp white lines of the rest of the house.
Here’s another stunning example of a residence that stands out thanks to the elegant and sophisticated contrast between the garage door and the rest of the building. In this case, the design created by Mark Brand Architecture also impresses through the great attention offered to the details. The garage door is made of wood and features five thin horizontal windows
Instead of making the garage contrast with the rest of the house’s facade, architect Christopher Simmonds gave this residence a unique look by making the ground floor white while the upper level is clad in stained wood just like the garage. The dynamic is pretty interesting.
Sometimes limitations can lead to new and creative creations and new and unique ways of dealing with the problem. Such was the case with this residence that’s built on a steep lot in Vancouver, Canada. The house is pretty much projecting from the hillside and since there were construction limitations the architects has to be innovative and to create a series of cantilevered spaces with untouched land underneath them. The garage was one of the volumes that had to sit on the ground.
The Lantern House is a residence designed by Feldman Architecture and located in Palo Alto, California. The street-facing facade is pretty closed off compared to the rear of the house. The garage covers a big section and is clad in panels that match the core section of the house which accommodates the circulation area. The rest of the facade is white.