How to use branches creatively
A branch can also serve as a rod for hanging clothes on. All you have to do is find a branch that’s straight, without nodules if possible. Remove all the small twigs it might have and then hang it in your dressing room.
A very simple project can be to make a shelf out of a branch. Just go find a fallen tree branch, clean it and put it up on the wall where it can serve as a shelf.
Similarly, you could have a branch hanging from the ceiling and it can serve as a hanging spot for hats, jackets and clothes.
Here’s another way in which you can use branches to make shelves. In this case the branches provide the support for the actual shelves. All you have to do is attach them to the wall at the right angle and height.
You can also use branches in your bathroom where you could make some sort of a ladder for hanging towels onto. Simply find two long branches and three of four smaller ones and nail them together to form the towel hanger.
Here’s another idea: install two hooks into the ceiling anywhere you want and then hang a branch from them. The branch can be the support for anything else you might want to hang there.
Branches are usually symbolic and they can be used to give an artistic and more modern look to your entrance for example. Instead of having plants there you could put a few branches in a planter.
You can also use branches inside the house. For example, if you can find a few big and tall ones, you can use them to make one of the walls stand out. It would be a very nice background for the dining area.
You could also use branches to make an interesting headboard for the bedroom. The headboard will be mostly decorative and the branches will form a frame. Find branches of different shapes and sizes.
A branch can be a very artistic and eye-catching centerpiece for the table. It’s a modern idea and of, course, the branch would have to be really sculptural and beautiful. You can paint it for a more vivid look.