Ways to Fill Empty Corners With Floor Vases
Houseplants are almost everyone’s solution to an empty space, but when your corner is too dark, you probably won’t get it to survive. However, you can put a large leafy branch in a floor vase and you’ll get the illusion of a tree for as long as the greenery lasts.
Of course you don’t have to have a giant branch to make a giant impact. A smaller leafy branch will do just as well! Choose something with flowers if possible to give your corner a bit of color and cheer.
Is your corner part of your reading nook? Bring in the magic by filling a clear glass floor vase with string lights. Those twinkly lights will help bring some brightness and magic to all your reading hours.
Looking for a solution that’s pretty permanent and effortless? Think rocks. By filling a floor vase with rocks, you’ve already added some texture and interest to your empty corner. Adding branches is a bonus.
Who can say no to flowers? There are certain varieties where you just put your bulbs in a bit of water and watch them go. Put those bulbs in a floor vase for some easy color with no effort from you.
Your vase doesn’t have to be clear either. Opt for a solid color, white or something else that matches your decor, and fill it with fake florals that look real on top while you hide the not-so-pretty bottoms.
Who says you need to fill your floor vase with anything? Just a great big vase in an empty corner will make your decor seem more complete rather than leaving the space empty.
You know those planters that have legs? Give your floor vase some legs too. It will help you make a smaller vase look bigger and higher and grander than it actually is so everybody wins.
Maybe you’re a huge fan of floor vases and have several stashed away in your decorating storage. You now have permission to bring them out and display them all at once. Line them up on shelves or along an empty wall or gather them together in a corner. Collections always look nice and polished.
If you really want to break the rules, don’t let your floor vases just sit on the floor. Hoist them up on your entryway table or hallway shelf instead. You might like the higher greenery even better than corner filler.