Stunning Wine Bottle Centerpieces You Never Thought
Something as simple as wrapping a wine bottle in twine and adding a few flowers and a tag can make all the difference you need. It’s a design that’s easy to make and works great for rustic weddings and other events.
This is a set of three wine bottle vases and they have a willow wreath around them that’s the detail they need to stand out. The flowers add a very nice rustic touch to the whole arrangement. As you’ll notice, wine bottles look better in pairs.
Perfect for parties, these wine bottle vases feature various types of designs, all make with twine. So be creative and come up with a collection of your own. You can also use different colors if you want to draw more attention to the vases.
Another simple thing to do is a wine bottle lantern. You basically just have to cut out the bottom of the wine bottle, put a candle on a tile and cover it with the bottle. Don’t cover with cork because the heat and air need to circulate.
For a more romantic table décor you can also make wine bottle candlestick holders. Cut out the top portion of the bottle at different heights and combine them in different ways. It’s an ingenious idea for a wedding.
Also easy to make would be this chalkboard wine bottle vase. You need to spray paint the bottle with chalkboard paint, put a few flowers in it and write the table numbers on the bottle. It’s beautiful and practical at the same time.
Chalkboard paint is very versatile and it can be used in many different ways. In this case, to avoid painting the whole bottle, a heart-shaped stencil was made and it’s the perfect size for writing table numbers on.
With a little patience and attention you can also make stunning wine bottle mini gardens for the tables. The bottle needs to be cut with great case and placed horizontally. The types of plants and succulents you use are totally up to you.
Chalkboard wine bottle vases are not only great for writing table numbers on. If you decide to pain the entire bottle then you can write on it longer messages and even draw something on.
This is another example of a wine bottle mini garden but this one also has a cork stopper that prevents the bottle from moving on the table.