Interesting Ways Of Using Wine Barrels In Home Décor
If you don’t mind things to look casual or improvised in your home, then maybe you’d like this idea. Here’s a table that has two barrels used as a base. They each support the table top and give style to the décor. It’s an idea that can also be used in workshops or rustic homes.
A similar but quite different idea would be to incorporate the barrels into your furniture’s design. For example, take a look at this kitchen island. The barrels are part of the supporting base but they are incorporated in the design and the base has a wood construction with a texture and finish very similar to that used for the barrels.
If you want, you can also think more creatively and use a single barrel to make two unique nightstands or two side tables. You can also just use the top part of two individual barrels. Make sure you cut them straight. You can use the tables in the living room, reading corner, bedroom or any other room.
If you don’t mind giving up the integrity of the barrel, then you could turn it into a beautiful mini-garden. The idea is to cut the barrel in such a way that you create three levels. You would have to use wood planks to give shape to these levels but it’s all simple. Place the garden at your front entrance, in the backyard or even inside or on the balcony.
Another very unusual and creative way of using an old barrel is to basically cut out just a portion of it and turn it into a frame for a round wall mirror. It can have an irregular look or organic shape. The important detail is for one side to have straight lines for the mirror to fit in.
When you think about it, there’s no better place for a barrel in a home than the wine cellar. If you don’t have a wine cellar you can still add some charm to your wine rack. You can turn a barrel into a wine rack by simply inserting a piece inside that fits perfectly and that has individual holes for the bottles.
Of course, if you do have a wine cellar, then you can use the barrel in more interesting ways. You could turn one into a table. It doesn’t even need a makeover. It just has to be there, with a few chairs placed around it.
Small barrels are very cute and they can also be used for all sorts of interesting projects. If you can find one that has the right dimensions, you can turn it into a lovely nightstand for your bedroom. You can sand it down and give it a new look or re-stain it.
A great project that would work well for a porch or terrace would be this one. It used to be a barrel that could no longer be used for string wine. It was useless until someone decided to upcycle it. The barrel got a major makeover. The top became a succulent garden while to bottom got an opening with a cozy cushion where cats or small dogs can sit. In addition, the table extension is useful as well.
Here we can see another great example of re-suing barrels. The two wine barrels in the corner became side tables and decorations for the room. The image of the vineyard is the perfect background for this rustic décor.